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of Faith

Resurrecting Recovery Center (RRC) believes in the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. We believe in God the Father, the Lord of all creation, in Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, and we believe in the Holy Spirit, the working, personal agent of God upon the Earth. We believe all scripture is God-breathed, and is useful for teaching people how to live in a way that is God-pleasing, and as a result, is drug-free. We are a Christ-centered and Bible-focused residential facility that believes Jesus Christ is the name above every other name.



RRC offers a nine-month intensive Christ-centered program in which men will be instructed using Biblical teachings on: life skills training, morality, work ethic, recognizing and utilizing spiritual gifts, and other foundational teachings.

RRC offers a Graduate/Discipleship program for those who have completed our nine-month program and desire to continue their discipleship with us.


We DO NOT believe the simple act of completing recovery program is the cure. Our intention is not to warehouse residents until they graduate from a program. Recovery is not a to-do list. Also, we do not buy into the saying "once an addict, always an addict." Addiction does not have to be your identity!

We DO believe addiction is a sin problem and the sinful nature must be dealt with first. Until a stable foundation is present, nothing can be built. Recovery only begins with a new, true foundation built in a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. That's the true beginning of the healing process. RRC creates an environment that is welcoming to the Holy Spirit and conducive to the teaching of God's Word. Our desire goes beyond merely treating addiction. Through God''s strength and discernment, we help our men become new creations in Jesus Christ and start to live in relationship with our Creator, Lord, and Savior. We invest and assist them in transition, developing healthy relationships, living faith-filled lives, and discerning God's will for their employment and life's choice.


We are currently operating and have occupancy for 16 program participants. We currently need sponsorship for individual participants, monthly support for general operating costs, and food and hygiene items. We greatly appreciate any one-time or continuing assistance and support! 

We are also looking to expand and build some additional cottages behind our current building in the near future, and we have a fundraising goal of $250,000. This would build and furnish 6 cottages that will house 12 men in each, expand our current dining facility, renovate our current kitchen facility to a commercial standard, improve our teaching / training center, build a recreation / exercise area and create an outdoor worship and prayer area. This expanded facility would have occupancy for 72 men in the cottages, with additional occupancy for 16 men in the current dormitory rooms.


The world is experiencing a drug addiction pandemic unlike anything before. Our communities are being ravaged by addiction. RRC will not battle addiction according to the ways of man, but according to the ways of the One who created man. Brian Patterson and John "Robby" Hamm have known drug addiction all too well. However, they have come to know a healing Savior named Jesus Christ who has set them free from addiction.

RRC, as a Christ-centered addiction recovery center, will work not only on the outer person, but also introduce residents to Jesus. In doing so, the men will learn how to become true disciples, use their spiritual gifts for the glory of God, grow to be wise and faithful stewards with their time and resources, and begin to give back to their communities with dedication to serving others. The same saving power of Jesus Christ that has set Brian and Robby free can do the same in any person who is willing to let God work in them. 

RRC believes in transformational change. Our vision is to change our city and world one life at a time using the same methods that transformed our lives.

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